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Remote Simulteous Interpretation Technology (RSI)

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Technology (RSI) technology details

Below we present the minimum technical requirements to provide a simultaneous interpretation service.

Speakers / Participants

Speakers/participants access online using a laptop equipped with webcam, professional microphone and headphones.


Interpreters access the meeting through a laptop equipped with webcam, professional microphone and headphones.

The computer must be connected via Ethernet (NOT WIFI).


Attendees download the required application on their mobile devices (iOS or Android) to listen in the language of their choice.

They can also join the session with a lap-top computer.

Modalities of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Full Remote Simultaneous interpretation - Very common in multi-site meetings and webinars. Technical and interpreter´s part is integrated into the programmed event, with a series of changes adapted to the service, allowing simultaneous translation to all participants, regardless of where they are located (several sites, one site per listener/speaker, etc.).

Simultaneous remote interpretation with technician at the venue and remote interpreters - This possibility is available in every case. In this case, our remote simultaneous interpretation technician travels to the event venue with all the technical means required to provide the service.

Simultaneous interpretation with audio technician provided by the client at the event site and remote interpreters - Through the collaboration of an audio technician at the event site and some minimum requirements (which are not difficult to achieve) the service can be provided without even a remote simultaneous interpretation technician at the event site.

Combination of on-site and remote simultaneous translation (for complex language pairs or other needs that may arise depending on each case).

There are other possibilities, and yours is among them. If you need to organize a multilingual event, we will provide you with the best solution based on your specific needs.

Organization is the key to event success

That is why we take care of everything dealing with the organization of the requested service. We leave nothing to chance and plan everything. We take care of each of the key aspects, whether with remote simultaneous interpretation or not. Because of our experience in event organization we know very well all the pieces that must be fitted and controlled.

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