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Remote Simultaneous Interpreting(RSI)

Simultaneous remote interpretation, the update

Simultaneous remote interpretation completes and improves traditional simultaneous interpretation. All events that have always received on-site simultaneous translation:

  • Multilingual conferences,
  • Multilingual Meetings,
  • Congresses, etc.

Until not long ago, receiving the simultaneous translation of a speech was only possible through the usual methods of traditional simultaneous interpretation. Conference interpretation in its different modalities used to take care of meeting these needs.

The traditional modality of simultaneous interpretation has its benefits and drawbacks. Among the benefits of on-site simultaneous interpretation, we have the possibility of direct contact interpreter-speakers, to meet them, catch the atmosphere and get information the interpreter would hardly get otherwise. Obviously there are other benefits.

Among the drawbacks, the main one is the significant difference in costs in relation to the new modality of remote simultaneous interpretation or remote simultaneous translation, which is a clear advantage for the latter.

Another great advantage provided by remote simultaneous translation is that it can be present in types of services in which on-site interpretation cannot be. The limits of this service modality are much less defined, simultaneous translation can take place in almost any context, with less resources and much more easily. Some examples are:

  • Multi-site meetings,
  • Webinars, on-line seminars,
  • Multi-site international product presentations with simultaneous translation,
  • And many more examples that we can present and you may be already envisaging.

Advantages to clients

  • Financial saving,
  • Logistics saving. No need for a travel planning for interpreters, technicians and material,
  • Reduction of production time. Reduced planning times,
  • Greater availability of language pairs: Clients will access more complex language pairs in less time,
  • Greater service feasibility: We can now provide simultaneous translation services where it was not possible a short while ago,
  • Greater variety and customization of rates,
  • Multi-site meetings with simultaneous interpretation,
  • Less equipment required (through event app, web - translation player, etc.,
  • • Videoconferences with integrated simultaneous translation.
Simultaneous Remote Interpretation (RSI) is aimed at any company or public/private organization that usually needs to meet with people or companies in different languages.

Advantages to interpreters

We must not forget that the interpreter is the key piece that will provide us with the translation, so offering them additional advantages will result in a better service.

Simultaneous remote interpretation makes it possible to optimize the time required to provide a service. This is a very important resource that is often wasted (and paid for). This time optimization allows interpreters to better prepare their simultaneous interpretation assignments, which is key for an outstanding final result.

Working from a safer environment without the additional stress of the audience looking at the interpretation booth in situations that are not the responsibility of the interpreter (such as when the speaker does not finish saying something).

Specialized technical support to interpreters. Technicians working in this sector only perform services of this nature, so they know how to meet the needs of interpreters at any time.

Interpreter providing services from a quality remote site have better acoustic, image and sound resources than if they were at the event venue.

  • A fixed sound installation, always adjusted according to service requirements. No need to transport audio material, meaning that it does not deteriorate and it is not necessary to make full adjustments every time a new service is provided (routine checks and adjustments are made to guarantee each service). The resulting audio gets better, both at the venue and that of the simultaneous translation.
  • o Different audio resources Verbavolant RSI has several original sources that allow the interpreter to receive that of higher quality.
  • Several image sources of speakers or floor.
  • Always an image source for screen presentations.
  • Production of video that supports interpreters, choosing the images that they need at any time.

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