Conference Interpreting

What is Conference Interpreting?

Conference interpreting explained by somebody who is not an interpreter or o “translator” and for a reader that neither is.

To place ourselves in other possible contexts that could have led us to this page, Conference Interpreting is also called many other ways, as follows:

  • Congress Interpretation or Congress simultaneous interpretation (in simultaneous modality),
  • Conference Interpreting,
  • Event Interpretation or Event Simultaneous Interpretation (in simultaneous modality).

Although there are different terms, we can see that Simultaneous Interpretation is the most common and repeated, the one which we would like to emphasize.

In Simultaneous Interpretation, the interpreter translates verballly, in real time from a source language - received through headphones - into a target language, and the translation is received by listeners.

In on-site simultaneous interpretation at the event venue, the interpreter or interpreters work from a specialized booth called interpretation booth. It is soundproofed and contains the equipment necessary to deliver the simultaneous translation.

The interpretation booth is usually placed in a spot from which the interpreters can see the speaker, thus receiving the part of visual communication that is not received through audio (gestures, smiles, situations that fully change the message, etc.).

Some interesting concepts regarding conference interpretation

  • Simultaneous Interpreting: Interpreting booth.
  • Simultaneous Interpreting - Infoport system: Mobile system for simultaneous interpreting. It replaces the booth. Up to 40 attendees.
  • Consecutive interpreting: Interpreter´s note taking.
  • Chuchotage or whispering: Up to 4 attendees.
  • Liaison: Guided tours, visits to facilities.

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